Great Lakes
This bandoleer bag  is in superior and original condition for its age (c. 1890-1910).  The workmanship
is incredible and the hours its maker committed to its creation are mind boggling.  

Made up of tens of thousands of beads in varying spectacular colors, the consistent foliate design is
illustrated throughout; from the bottom bag, middle section, straps and bottom binding of wool
tassels and bugle beads.  There is one anomaly: on the left facing strap, champagne colored beads
have been substituted in one area for chalk whites.  I cannot say if the maker ran out and decided to
continue with this color, or if the bag sustained damage at some point and only this color was
available.  I believe it was done at the time of creation for some reason, having examined it closely
under magnified conditions.  It is definitely not a recent repair/addition.

MEASURES:  37.5 inches long from top to bottom of tassels;
(Bag and center panel: 15 inches wide by 18.5 inches long; Strap: 5.75 inches wide.

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Tobacco/Snuff Box, Wisconsin, c. 1880.

Layers of etched birch bark in a wave pattern held together with tiny brass nails.
Leather tab on top.  Beautiful patina.

Measures:  3.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches high by approx.  1.0 inches deep.

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Price:  $300